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Advance is the latest initiative by the team from Mummyfique. Envisioned as a starter pack for pre-schoolers, the Advance Kit gives mums that much-needed boost in preparing our kids for the formal school life. Through various events and activities in the upcoming months, Advance by Mummyfique aims to help mums with pre-schoolers empower themselves with information, resource and contacts to make the right decisions in bringing up a confident, creative and well-balanced future generation. 

Mummyfique is a community founded by mothers to support and empower today’s savvy, time-starved modern mums with babies and young children. Mummyfique includes a digital magazine focused on intelligent, educational articles as well as a mobile app – Mummyfique World, a directory resource filled with curated information, inspiration, and recommendations of useful products, services.

At Mummyfique, we are committed to supporting and empowering mums by organising purposeful events and creating meaningful partnerships and collaborations that uplifts the mum community.


Established by mummies who were frustrated with the lack of intelligent curated content online, the Mummyfique team maintains a creative, family-friendly work environment that respects the sanctity of motherhood, diversity, ideas and hard work. Our dream is to prove that you can have work-life balance without compromising on your ideals, success and career goals. We adhere to a strict principle of honesty and integrity in what we do, and will only produce content and offer information that are rooted in facts.   


Whether you’re a breastfeeding mum or a bottle-feeding mum, a working mum or a stay- home mum, Mummyfique is here to hold your hand as you navigate your way through the waters of parenthood. 

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