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Han language centre

Han Language Centre offers a variety of Chinese tuition and enrichment programmes that aim to boost your child’s results and give your child a head-start in Chinese. Using a blend of class discussions, picture and video conversations, comprehension exercises and writing practices, our teachers guide our students with bite-sized content to help them do better in school. We offer the following programmes for students from N2 to S4:


Tuition Programme for Pri 1 to Sec 4 students

  • For students with weak Chinese foundation

  • Emphasis is on passing exams

Enrichment Programme for Pri 1 to Sec 4 students

  • For students with strong Chinese foundation

  • Emphasis is on doing well

Enrichment Programme for N2 to K2 students

  • Tap on curiosity and nurture interest to learn Chinese through rhymes, stories, drama and fun interactive activities


How our students learn

New bite-sized content with slight variations and difficulties are introduced in each learning cycle, so that students can accumulate knowledge and skills gradually in class.

How our teachers teach

We use a systematic and standardised approach, known as SEPA, to guide our students -


Our teachers introduce to students a subject matter in the form of a conversation, text passage or video clip. The students gather bite-sized information about the subject matter through sensory observations, e.g. sight, hearing and touch.


The students are guided to relate the information to their past experiences and the environment to help them make key connections and build on their knowledge.


Our students are led by the teachers to process the gathered information by reading and thinking to gain deeper understanding and meaning of the subject matter.


Our teachers get students to use the processed information to share an opinion during class discussions or through writing practice.

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