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Pearlie White

enamel safe kids'

fluoride toothpaste

It's exactly what you get in the Pearlie White® All Natural variant but with your dentist's recommended dosage of fluoride. This toothpaste is 99.78% natural with the remaining 0.22% in the form of sodium fluoride delivering 1000ppm fluoride.

Pearlie White® Enamel Safe Kids' Toothpaste will do the job of cleaning your kids' teeth and it will do the job extra gently as it has an extremely low relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) value of under 30, preventing paste from harming your child's enamel and gums as they brush. Most adult toothpaste variants have an RDA value of 100 and above.

Suitable for children aged 2 years and up.


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Pearlie White
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