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Pearlie White® is the only Singapore oral care brand and the only oral care brand with ISO22716 oral care manufacturing facilities in Singapore. It is proudly 100% Singaporean owned and headquartered in Singapore.


The owners of the brand pride themselves on their strong family heritage dating back to 1869 with the first practitioner of dentistry in Malaya, Dr. Cheong Chun Tin, practicing in Singapore after obtaining his dentistry qualifications from San Francisco. Today, his family continues the tradition of developing innovative oral care products to satisfy the discerning consumer.


With a promise to find smarter ways for a healthier smile, Pearlie White® offers quality ingredients and features on the inside and smart packaging on the outside for truly intelligent and innovate oral care products. With over 40 oral care products in the range, Pearlie White® caters to oral care needs as diverse as teeth whitening, stain removal to denture cleansing. Products include toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth rinse, floss, interdental brushes, portable dental care products, home use dental tools and denture care products.

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