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preschooler swimming class

Ready Toddlers Swimming Program trial lesson ( Age 2 - 4 )


Proficient Children Swimming Course trial lesson ( Age 4 and up )

What will your child learn during the trial lesson?


Your child will learn one simple technique such as breathing control or recap various strokes depending on the student's existing competency during the lesson.


Our coaches may also use the trial lesson to test your child's current swimming capabilities and recommend a lesson plan for future lessons.


The objective of these trial classes is typically for parents to ascertain the effectiveness of the coach as well as your child's responsiveness to the coaches' instructions.


The lesson plan for trial classes will be slightly shorter than the first full lesson if you were to pay a coach for the lessons and the exact lesson plan will vary depending on the coaches understanding of your child's current competency.


Trial classes are available for both private pools and public pools depending on your budget.


If you wish to continue after the trial lesson, your child will follow a lesson plan as determined by the coach to acquire the following competencies throughout their subsequent lessons:

  • Water Safety and Confidence

  • Improve Stamina & Breath Control

  • 4 Strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly)

  • Water Survival Skills

Safety Disclaimer:


As safety is of utmost importance to us. We would like to state that these trial classes should not be taken as a be all end all of your child's swimming lessons as just with other sports, it takes a while to gain confidence and competency with swimming. 


This trial lesson does not certify that your child is fit and ready to be in the water without any adult supervision.


With our dedication to safety, you can rest assured that your child will safely enjoy their swimming lessons.

Trial Details

Duration: Ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the age of child. 

Booking Details

You can book your trial session by heading to this link,

Alternatively, if you have any enquiries you can send us an email at or a Whatsapp message to our head coach Jing at 9171 7537 informing us that you are enquiring about your "Trial lesson for Mummyfique".


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