Zoo-Vite is a range of children’s dietary supplements made from 100% natural ingredients, comes in great tasting fruity flavour, with no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours. They are packed in convenient, hygienic and travel friendly, individually packed jelly sticks and liquid sachets or easy and fun to consume gummies. Zoo-Vite children’s supplements are products of HST Medical, the trusted Singapore company for health and supplements. Products include:

- Zoo-Vite Germ Buster (Elderberry Gummies) (latest addition)
- Zoo-Vite MultiVitamins Safari Buddies Gummies
- Zoo-Vite Calcium Jelly Sticks
- Zoo-Vite DHA Jelly Sticks
- Zoo-Vite Immune Jelly Sticks
- Zoo-Vite Vitamin C Jelly Sticks
- Zoo-Vite Flu Resist for Kids Liquid in sachets

For more information, visit: https://hstmedical.com/products/zoo-vite/ or email contact@hstmedical.com


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- HST Medical website: https://hstmedical.com/products/zoo-vite/

- Redmart: https://www.lazada.sg

- Doctor Anywhere: https://www.marketplace.doctoranywhere.com


In Stores:

- Essentials Pharmacy

- Selected Guardian, Watsons and Nishino and Welcia BHG