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Zoo-Vite vitamins

Zoo-Vite Germ Buster (Elderberry Gummies)
Zoo-Vite Germ Buster (Elderberry Gummies) fights off invading germs and boosts the immune system to keep away cold and flu bugs. These yummy, 100% natural vegan gummies contain Elderberry, a well-researched anti-viral herb & immune system booster.
• Boosts immune system
• Fights off colds and flu
• Protects against infections
• Reduces duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms

Zoo-Vite Germ Buster (Elderberry Gummies) is 100% natural with natural berry flavor. It contains no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours. It is also 100% vegan, with no animal gelatin, and halal certified.

Zoo-Vite Flu Resist (sachets)
Zoo-Vite Flu Resist provides an immune boost to counter upper respiratory infections. Rich in BioActive Flavonoids, Elderberry & Echinacea to relieve nasal inflammation & allergies.


• Great tasting Elderberry & Grape Syrup

• Formulated for active kids on the go

• High in BioActive Flavonoids

• Easy to use individual sachets

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